#13 - absence makes the heart grow fonder…

The fact that you live within such close proximity to me saddens me so much. Like it was so convenient to have you so close, to have you just 10 mins or less away from me. One call or text and you were here or I was there. No trains or any type of transportation problems to stop me from seeing your delicious face. And even though you’re so close, you’re so, so, so much farther away. I took you for granted and now the connection is lost. Broken… and there’s nothing I can do to fix it. All because I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. Me and my damn selfish desires.

Maybe if you didn’t live so close I could stop my thoughts from chastising myself. I could stop wishing I would bump into you or see you around the neighborhood cause there would be less chances of that happening amongst the 8 million plus people living in NYC. I could forget you easily if there wasn’t a constant reminder that you’re so close. Unfortunate for me, that’s not reality and I must face it… Like it or not. Yay me.

I miss you but I can’t make you stay. It’s too little, too late. If its really meant to be, amen! Our paths will cross again. If not, amen as well!

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Everyone on my Tumblr dash, PLEASE watch this. Especially if you are a creative artist:

Adobe is going to scrap their hard copies (disks) for their software (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash), and have you pay a subscription for the latest software called the Adobe Creative Cloud. $50 per month. Could you really afford such an expense in the long run?

This is really disturbing. Please hear what he has to say, it really is a serious situation for working artists. Pass this along so others may know about the Adobe Creative Cloud and how horrible it is.

Yep… Just went to see how much Flash costs. You know, to just buy the program? Guess what? After spending a while looking, it appears that you CAN’T anymore. You have to pay an outrageous subscription fee. I hate adobe. Is there a petition going around to stop this nonsense? Because I want to sign it.

Thanks! I know a lot of artists and people who like art follow me. You guys should go sign that.

Today I just signed the petition in the voice against the Adobe Creative Cloud. For those who are not familiar with what the new Creative Cloud can do to you as an artist, I really suggest you watch this video.

For those who have seen, reblogged, faved, here’s the link (as shown in the previous reblog) to sign the petition. Anything can happen, Adobe really needs to know that many artists are not supportive of them controlling not just the software..but the content worked on the Cloud.

Signed! Boosting the signal, I prefer to be able to buy my software.

I’m not going to fucking SUBSCRIBE to Photoshop. What the fuck do you expect me to tell people, “sorry, can’t do your commission this month. Couldn’t afford the Photoshop rent”?

This is why I use Corel Painter :|b So few people seem to and I don’t understand why. It’s so much cheaper, super versatile, and doesn’t have this bullshit surrounding it :/

This would bankrupt most small animation companies. They would be forced to a) ask for more money from clients and be passed over for cheaper places (which would give them less contracts, force them to fire most staff, and eventually (probably) close). B) be forced to switch to a new program and retrain their current team or hire a new one.

And not even just companies; this would hurt anyone who freelances, wants to learn the program, schools…

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Random Writing #12 - Muddled thoughts, blurry lines.

My thoughts are muddled. Lately I’m unable to tell the difference between my dreams & reality. It’s so jumbled. I could swear it’s real… all of it. You can’t tell me any different because there’s no doubt in my mind. XY and Z happened on this day, at that time, and in that place. I know this. I was there and so were you and she and he and they… Really? You weren’t? That didn’t happen? Lies! Wait… What am I talking about? [Insert brain fart.] (This is usually the part where I close my eyes and tap my forehead steadily to a 4/4 beat.) Think. Think. Think. Oh right! It’s all coming back to me now… I think?

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Rapping to some Eminem cause I think I’m cool. :P

Not gonna lie I feel a little cool & grown… Just a little. 🙆🙊 Only for emergencies though! 😊



First trailer for Arrested Development - Season 4!

Preparing for the best day of my life, thus far.

YES! I’m so excited!

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My lovely Momma bear, my clown, my everything. 💘Even though she annoys me sometimes I thank God for having a mom like her & I hope He keeps her around for as long as I live. 😘 I couldn’t get her anything today but mom I got you in 2 weeks for Dominican Mother’s Day, lol. Happy Mother’s Day to mine all moms in the world.

Lol funny how one side of my face looks more tired than the other

Kings. #sundayfunday